AkuRy GmbH from Höchst in the Odenwald helps people in need

Höchst, 12.11.2019 (lifePR) – Heiko Wenner, the founder and managing director of AkuRy GmbH, has a brilliant idea to help „people in need“.
How? From 1.11.2019 to 31.12.2019 he gives 3% of the gross value of all incoming orders as a donation for people in need.
Every customer who orders goods worth more than € 50.00 will receive an akury energy card free of charge as a gift.
He will personally hand over the donation to one or more people in need and report about it after the end of the campaign.
With this simple and uncomplicated idea, he would like to inspire also further owners of firm to think about a win-win-win action.

Unternehmen: AkuRy GmbH

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