€ 1 Million for Bible from Gutenberg-Press

Hamburg, 15.10.2019 (lifePR) – It came right off Gutenberg‘s printing press, the first press in the history of book printing. The Biblia latina from Johannes Fust and Peter Schöffer, direct successors of Johannes Gutenberg, is an absolute masterpiece and was still printed during the lifetime of the inventor of book printing. On occasion of the 65th company anniversary of Ketterer Kunst it will be called up in the Rare Books Auction in Hamburg on November 25. The estimate is at € 1 million.
With movable metal letters Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized the book production method. Just seven years after the world-renowned Gutenberg Bible was made, his master student Peter Schöffer created the precious Fust-Schöffer Bible with his own, more modern letters.
Not only is this the finest work from the first decades of book printing, it is a very special gem, as it is the first book ever to contain a printing device: The alliance signet of Fust & Schöffer is the archetype of the publisher signet. On top of that, the well-legible Gotica-Antiqua type was used in the Fust-Schöffer Bible for the first time ever. A pioneering accomplishment, as it became the most commonly used type among incunabula printers over the following decades.
The extremely rare complete copy, entirely printed on parchment and with marvelous illuminations, of this acclaimed print work is absolutely at eye level with the Gutenberg Bible, and will definitely catch collectors‘ fancy. However, investors will surely be likewise interested in this highly fascinating form of investment.
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