What to do? Somebody has stolen my domain…

Koeln, 03.08.2019 (PresseBox) – The magazine „Vice“ reported about a domain robbery with a gun:
„Last June, Hopkins broke into the home of 26 year-old Ethan Deyo in Cedar Rapids, Iowa one afternoon and demanded that Deyo to log on to his computer to transfer the domain name for “doitforstate.com” to another account.“
This is rather a rare case. If  a domain owner claims, somebody has stolen his domain, it means in many cases, that the domain owner has not renewed his domain, it was deleted and then registered by someone else.
What can you do in such a case?
You can make a complaint according to ICANN’s UDRP policy, if you own a trademark.
You can send this complaint to WIPO or another provider of this dispute resolution service.
If you own no trademark, there are three options:
you offer a sum to the current owner
you make a complaint at a court.
you ask Secura GmbH to monitor your domain
Domain squatter delete in many cases catched domains, after they have tried to sell them during one year. This can be a chance for the former owner to get the domain back. Secura tries to catch such domains in the name of the former owners at the moment of the deletion.
Hans-Peter Oswald

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