Never lose the Object again – catch and track

Bordeaux, France/Weilheim, Germany, 27.06.2019 (PresseBox) – A.R.T. GmbH (ART), a leading manufacturer of high-end optical tracking systems and advanced localization solutions, presented their solution “Free Detection of Objects in Camera Images – robust and exact” at this year’s it3D Summit in Bordeaux for the first time.
For the first time ART GmbH demonstrated their new technology to the public: “Detection of objects” in camera images with an initially rough simultaneous 6DOF pose estimation followed by an exact edgebased framebyframe tracking.
This catch and tracking technology opens up unimagined application possibilities, since now any objects can be detected and tracked – and are found again, especially when losing position, without the user having to intervene.
Possible applications are recognition and tracking of workpieces or complete vehicle bodies, support at assembly maintenance tasks and tracking in general, even in difficult environments with poor lighting or cluttered background.
The visitors’ feedback was extremely positive: while testing the solution on their own comments like “wow, that’s quick” or “that’s exactly what I need” convinced ART to be on the right track.
Immersion, ART Partner and European leader in virtual reality, organizes the it3D Summit every two years and gives the participants the opportunity to discuss and network with experts and industrials actives about Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Unternehmen: Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH

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