Balluff UHF handheld reader – new generation

Neuhausen, 26.06.2019 (PresseBox) – The UHF Handheld Reader BIS U-890 is an ideal tool for modern data collection. It offers great flexibility for RFID close range or in long-range applications. The reader is equipped with a powerful 1 GHz ARM processor and a 4.3″ color touch screen. Together with Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 it is designed especially for fast, reliable reading of UHF tags.
The integrated UHF module with 1 W of power and the adaptive cross-dipole antenna are designed for fast detection of large populations of UHF tags (>200 tags/sec.). The required RFID software is already pre-installed and offers the user a maximum degree of flexibility. The unit is not only intuitive to operate, but also provides a comprehensive range of functions for a wide variety of detection situations.
Offering IP 54 protection, the device is ergonomically designed with a well-balanced pistol grip.  A powerful lithium-ion battery provides long operating time with a single charge. And for international applications the UHF Handheld BIS U-890 is certified for use in Europe, USA and Canada as well as in China.

Unternehmen: Balluff GmbH

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