Liquid Biopsy Pioneer SanoLiBio announces Nomination of its Advisory Board

Munich, 25.06.2019 (PresseBox) – SanoLiBio GmbH, a leading player in liquid biopsy innovation, announced today the nomination of its advisory board: Members are Bruno Steis (Gray Fox Consulting GmbH), Dr. Peter Frost (PELOBiotech GmbH) and Dr. Bernhard Polzer (ITEM Fraunhofer). The long-standing partner at Siemens Venture Capital and former CEO of inge GmbH Bruno Steis acts as chairman. Board Member Dr. Peter Frost serves as expert in the Life Sciences sector by supervising the Sales&Marketing activitities. Dr. Bernhard Polzer contributes to the success of Sanolibio as a clinical networker and with his expert knowledge on cancer diagnostics based on his leading position at Fraunhofer ITEM.
The board supports the management to position SanoLiBio for further growth by bringing deep domain expertise in company building, sales and marketing and R&D to the table. It facilitates the current fundraising process as well.
“To enrich circulating rare cells, such as circulating tumor cells is one of the key factors in the growing market of liquid biopsy”, says board member Dr. Peter Frost, CEO of PELOBiotech, one of the leading cell culture companies, outlining the need for technological innovations. SanoLiBio uses a novel magnetic bead cell separation procedure that allows high-sensitive detection of rare cells in blood samples. Based on the power of their technology, SanoLibio is confident to advance early diagnosis and prevention.
The company is seeking funding in order to introduce its enrichment platform “Walderbach“ to the market in H1 2020.
About the board:
Bruno Steis (Chairman)
In total 35 years professional experience in leading management functions, both in large corporations and technology start-ups
Senior Investment Partner (9 years) at Siemens Venture Capital with responsibility for numerous investments in technology firms, incl. membrane manufacturer inge AG
40 years cumulated experience as Chairman/Member of Supervisory and Advisory Boards
Dr. Peter Frost (Member)
More than 20 years experience in Sales & Marketing of Life Science products for basic and clinical research. Introduced successfully innovative Biotech companies in the European as well as US market (e.g. SpheroTec, Sirion Biotech, InSphero)
Was involved in the market entry of StemCell´s RoboSep, a automated cell separation system
Developed PELOBIOTECH GmbH to one of the leading cell culture companies
Dr. Bernhard Polzer (Member)
More than 15 years’ experience in R&D and publication record on single cell analysis, liquid biopsy and cancer metastasis
Background in human medicine and translation of new technologies in clinical applications
Group leader „Cellular and Molecular Diagnostics“ at Division „Personalized Tumor Therapy“ of Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Regensburg
About the Team:
Dr. Stefan Schreier has 10 years’ experience in cell separation R&D and diagnostic test development. He was co-founder of X-Zell Biotech (US), a pioneer in early stage cancer detection. He holds a Ph.D. in Pathobiology, Mahidol University Bangkok and a Master of Science in Bioengineering, Engineering, Munich University of Appl. Sciences.
Responsibilities: Company Strategy and R&D
Timo Peter spent 20 years in the financial industry with various positions in venture capital, private equity and M&A. He holds a Master of Science in Bioengineering, Munich University of Appl. Sciences, and a degree in patent engineering, University of Hagen.
Responsibilities: Finance and Business Development
Ulrich Lang has a 30 years footprint in hardware development for industrial automation applications. Has was VP of Manufacturing Technology and Automation at Smartrac and General Manager at Amatech Automation AG. He is a certified mechanical engineer and technical business administrator.Responsibilities: Hardware Development and Automation
About SanoLiBio GmbH
SanoLiBio focuses on the ultra-high enrichment of rare cells, such as circulating tumor cells, taken from liquid biopsy. The overall liquid biopsy market will grow to USD 10,7bn by 2026, a CAGR of 24.2%. Thereof, the sub-segment of cancer will grow with a CAGR of 52,4%. (Source: BCC Research, Liquid Biopsy Research Tools, Services and Diagnostics: Global Markets October 2017).
The Medtech-Startup was founded 2017 located in Munich at the Biotech-Hotspot in Europe. CEO is Dr. Stefan Schreier who leads the company together with Timo Peter (COO) and Ulrich Lang (CTO).
About “Walderbach”
The company will introduce its fully automated cell enrichment platform, named „Walderbach“, as a new benchmark in rare cell isolation from 2020 onwards internationally. The platform allows early stage cancer diagnostic in a fast, reliable and affordable way for the very first time. The enrichment platform is named “Walderbach” after the CEO’s home town.

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