Photoelectric mini-sensors with background suppression

Neuhausen, 24.06.2019 (PresseBox) – The series BOS Q08M and BOS R01E series photoelectric mini-sensors with their small, bright light spot are used for reliable object detection in many areas of application, especially where mounting space is at a premium. Through-beam, retroreflective and diffuse sensors have long been part of the Balluff portfolio. What’s new are versions with highly effective HGA background suppression. These allow you to detect objects with differing surfaces with absolute reliability and precision.
The various models in rugged metal housings have side or front mounted optics for extreme flexibility. And the highly visible, clearly defined red light spot makes sensor alignment and startup easier.
The versions with fixed range setting are ready to use as soon as they are installed. With the IO-Link versions the use can simply and precisely set the range and hysteresis so that cumbersome adjusting of the sensor-object distance is eliminated. In addition, these IO-Link sensors provide information such as diagnostics data and number of operating hours. All of this provides true added value for modern production facilities.

Unternehmen: Balluff GmbH

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