EUserv offers 1TB Online-Storage for free in the first year:

Jena, 20.06.2019 (PresseBox) – With the „BackupHD 1T SE2019“ special offer, EUserv provides 1TB cloud storage for a full year for free and users get a great opportunity to test a large online-storage for free.
Both at work and during leisure time, data is generated on a smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop PC. The „BackupHD 1T SE2019“ offers 1TB storage capacity for a secure storage of business and personal data as well as a location-independent access to this data from any device. Likewise the online-storage is suitable to realize the often neglected backup or just catch it up. Anyone who decides to renew the contract after the first year free of charge will pay permanently a very low follow-up price later.
Easy access via different protocols
The „BackupHD“ service is ideal as a pure backup space or as an online -storage and can be integrated like an additional drive in already existing folder structures on the desktop PC or notebook.
Storage location for data, documents, photos or videos are exclusively servers running in EUserv own data centers in Thuringia, which are therefore subjected to German data protection.
For easy file upload and secure access to their cloud storage, users have access to a variety of standard transfer protocols, including encrypted Rsync, FTP, FTPS, and WebDAV.
With the first year’s free use of the service, EUserv allows private or business users to start storing data in the cloud easily.
Get details about Special Edition „BackupHD 1T SE2019“ here:

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