ARNO Werkzeuge strengthens its line-up of drilling tools

Ostfildern, 19.06.2019 (PresseBox) – ARNO Werkzeuge has strengthened its range of drilling tools. In particular with its AKB short-hole drill, this renowned tool manufacturer now offers a wide range of high-performance tools for diverse applications. In addition, exchangeable cutting inserts, self-centring drill bits as well as a variety of insert geometries and coatings all bear witness to more than 20 years of expertise in the field of drilling tools. In 2019, the company has redoubled its efforts to bring its drilling systems more into focus for users.
“Moving forward, we want to impress users with our high-performance drilling systems,“ says Simon Storf. “After all, they are based on more than 20 years of experience and development expertise,“ explains the Marketing Manager at ARNO Werkzeuge. In fact, the company is better known for its turning and grooving tools as well as its high-positive indexable inserts. It also offers a wide range of high-performance drilling tools for a variety of applications.
Bringing drilling systems out of the shadows
Above all, the company’s AKB short-hole drill stands out – with 14–55 mm diameter for bores up to 5 x D, as well as optimized swarf chambers which extend right up drill collar the tool is coated and polished which improves swarf evacuation. The carrier tool is coated and polished, which optimizes chip evacuation. An internal coolant channel allows direct cooling of the flute. With Torx-Plus® screws, the inserts can be changed quickly. Four geometries for inserts for steel and non-ferrous metals ensure a wide range of applications can be covered with different feed rates.
SHARK-Drill is an indexable insert drill for diameters of 9.5–114 mm. The nickel-plated carrier tool with integrated coolant supply is available with a straight flute or spiral flute for Weldon or Morse tapered holders. For example, it can be used as a rotating tool (spiral flute) while the workpiece is stationary or as a stationary tool (straight flute) while the workpiece is rotating. The drill series includes twelve variants for maximum drilling depths of 32 x D or 290–939 mm. Three geometries for cutting inserts – universal, AS with excellent centring properties and flat bottom drilling inserts – cover a wide range of machining applications. With HSS indexable inserts, SHARK-Drill is a universal and cost-effective problem-solver that ensures process reliability.
SHARK-Drill2 for maximum performance
With SHARK-Drill2, ARNO Werkzeuge has also developed a high-performance drilling system that combines the advantages of a solid carbide twist drill with interchangeable cutting inserts for maximum performance. Equipped with a carbide insert which can be replaced whilst the tool remain in the machine, through tool coolant and full length Weldon clamping flat, this tool can operate at very high feed rates. Drilling depths of 2 x D, 3 x D, 5 x D and 8 x D are possible with diameters of 14–32 mm.
For those who want to combine drilling and milling, SHARK-Cut from ARNO Werkzeuge is a multifunction tool that can do both. Mini, Standard and Rebore are three variants that make drilling possible from diameters of four, eight and twelve millimetres respectively. Likewise, internal and external diameters can be machined and flat surfaces created. This combination tool thus reduces the number of tool changes required and speeds up the respective processes.

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