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Berlin, 17.06.2019 (PresseBox) – The food industry is committed to making food healthier and reducing sugar, fat and salt. For food manufacturers, implementation is a major challenge, as the reduction will be accompanied by changes in taste and texture.
Consumers are demanding a healthier diet and this aspect can lead to a loss of taste due to the health benefits.  However, it is also possible that consumer acceptance will be negatively affected and that sales volumes will decline.
Sugar, fat and salt cannot simply be omitted during production and replaced by other substances, but recipes must be adapted accordingly. But will these innovative products then also be a real treat for the consumer? And how much sugar can be saved without the consumer noticing?
Tentamus Sensory is your competent partner here:
Trained specialists who comprehensively check and assess your goods with regard to olfactory criteria
Sensory evaluation for the standardization of product series, as well as assessment of marketability
Consumer testing
Sensor Technology Training
Contact our expert Dr. Yvonne Pfeifer for further information.

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