New release of eve®, the bioprocess platform software

Bottmingen, 11.06.2019 (PresseBox) – The latest eve® version, Q3 2019, makes it even easier to integrate devices and software from third-party manufacturers into the platform. The new email alarm goes beyond the previous control and monitoring via the browser. It notifies the user as soon as an alarm occurs in a specific batch. The parameters for this alarm, such as temperature deviations or network problems, can be specified in advance for each batch.
Here is an overview of the most important features of the new eve® version:
New automatic email alarm system: eve® sends you emails in the case of batch alarms
Increased compatibility and flexibility with third party devices and software: New REST API and new user interface for drivers to easily and quickly integrate them to eve®
The LIS (Liquid Injection System) shake flask feed pumps from aquila biolabs is now supported by eve®
Additional features and optimizations:
Improved overall performance when opening batches
Automatic notification when a new version becomes available
New SI units for parameters are available
Designation of user-specified functions in the batch strategy
Parameters can be renamed to allow adoption of the name(s) used by the connected device
Customizable OPC (DA, XML DA and UA) drivers with new user interface
Customizable Modbus (RTU and TCP) driver with new user interface
Customizable Applikon drivers with new user interface
The new version is available for free download to users with a valid Support & Assurance license

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