The SOTIF USA Conference 2019

Berlin, 31.05.2019 (PresseBox) – Running from 30th September to 3rd October 2019 in Austin (Texas) USA, the International SOTIF USA Conference will bring the expertise of the ISO TC 22 W8 members and leading safety practitioners to the USA,  discussing how to develop safe autonomous functions. Industry professionals will come together to exchange knowledge, ideas and real-world strategies for the competitive automotive industry.
Our vehicles are changing and becoming more and more automated and autonomous. This trend asks for new standards to help defining regulations of the industry through understanding the vehicle environment. How will the standards shape the industry?
With an agenda focused on the first SOTIF draft, the conference will focus on the upcoming uncertainties in the market and how to interpret and apply the standard to the North American market. The conference will give you the opportunity to:
Get the latest updates on the ISO/PAS 21448 Standard of the intended functionality
Get practical insights how SOTIF can compliment your existing processes involving ISO 26262
Learn how SOTIF is impacting semiconductor technologies
Discuss during lessons learned sessions case studies, elaborating how to reach safe functionality at vehicle level
Learn how Machine Learning will develop safe autonomous functions
Get the opportunity to comment on the SOTIF draft with experts from the ISO TC 22 working group
The SOTIF Conference is a global conference specialised in the SOTIF Standard which connects experts from all over the world discussing regulations for the automotive industry. Join the conference in Austin (Texas) to become part of the autonomous vehicle shift and benefit from new automotive innovations that can help you to enhance customer satisfaction!
This expert forum will bring together major players of the automotive industry such as Intel Corporation, Toyota Research Institute, Aptiv, Ford Motor Company, Bosch, Zenuity, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), ZF Active Safety GmbH and many more, discussing developments for automotive standards.
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