Systematic recording of working times

Mosbach, 23.05.2019 (PresseBox) – After the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that companies in the EU must systematically record the working times of their employees, companies are looking for suitable solutions. „Our HYDRA Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution to record working times enables us to help companies meeting requirements of the ECJ ruling,“ said Nathalie Kletti, Vice President Enterprise Development at MPDV.
Time recording with MES HYDRA
The recording of working times has been a basic feature of HYDRA for years.  With this software solution it is possible to record not only the actual working times but also the times that employees spend on specific production orders. As a result, the system creates complete transparency – especially in production plants. At the same time, the digital time recording also makes it possible to eliminate paper-based processes such as applying for and approving holidays. Through a digital absence workflow, both employees and supervisors benefit from significantly leaner processes.
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