Weidmüller VARITECTOR PU ZP: Lightning current arrester for quick installation on 40 mm busbars in the meter cabinet or installation distributor

Detmold, 21.05.2019 (PresseBox) – In accordance with the guidelines of DIN VDE 0100-443 and DIN VDE 0100-534, surge protection is a mandatory component for each power supply – particularly in building infrastructure. For both commercial and privately used property, it often makes sense to fit surge protection in the mains-side terminal compartment of the meter cabinet or installation distributor. The VARITECTOR PU ZP family from Weidmüller is ideal for this kind of application. The compact surge protection and lightning current arrester are designed for three-phase power supply networks and quick installation on 40 mm busbar systems. The modules enable direct contact with the busbar with a separate PE connection, and they combine type I and type II arresters for lightning and surge protection in one product – no need for manual cabling. VARITECTOR PU ZP has a clearly visible optical status indicator. The protection status can be read at any time without the need for manual operation. The protective circuit, a series connection comprising of a varistor and a sparkover gap (gas discharge tube), guarantees leakage current free protection between the conductors as well as with the protective earth conductor, as required by VDE-AR-N-4100. VARITECTOR PU ZP is available in application-oriented performance classes up to 12.5 kA discharge current [lightning test current Iimp (10/350 µs)] as well as Imax (8/20 µs) of 50 kA. With a maximum continuous current of 300 V, the VARITECTOR PU ZP is designed for use in mains system types TN-C, TN-C-S, TN-S and TT.
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