Konrad Technologies Reveals New Test Solutions for Automotive Industry

Radolfzell, Germany, 21.05.2019 (PresseBox) – Konrad Technologies today announced it will be demonstrating multiple new test solutions at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany.
The Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) Europe is the world’s largest full vehicle and component testing and validation technologies and services show. The Autonomous Vehicle Testing (AVT) Expo is a leading exhibition in Europe for the latest in ADAS and full autonomy technologies for autonomous vehicle development.
Michael Konrad Chief Executive of Konrad Technologies, said:
„These are critical years in the automotive industry as higher levels of autonomous driving technology becomes reality. ATE 2019 is the meeting point for automotive OEMs, suppliers and test solution providers. This model is used in three booths throughout the ADAS and Autonomous Driving test suite including a multi-angle radar test system with thermal chamber, LVDS interface support for camera test, and driver in the loop with sensor fusion test. „
Konrad Technologies is the provider of added value, platform based automated solutions used to solve the world’s most complex engineering challenges.
Multi-Angle Radar Test System with Thermal Chamber
Konrad Technologies engineered a light weight and compact thermal test system for automotive sensor test applications. The system is assembled in a radar, lidar or camera. It enables the sensor to function normally due to low signal distortion and absorption by the enclosure.
Jochen Frech, Business Development Manager Temperate Testing at Konrad Technologies, said:
„The thermal chamber efficiently insulates temperature from -100 ° C to + 200 ° C without storage and ice formation on either the interior or exterior surfaces. Konrad Technologies Provides custom test system designs suitable for scaling across the test needs for radiating RF devices with multiple field of views (FOV), power levels and other key parameters. „
Data Recorder and Replay Solution
The Konrad Technologies record and replay solution records data from vehicle sensors during virtual and real-world drive tests and enables replay of the data in the laboratory for verification, analysis and regression tests. Radar, camera and lidar sensors with a modular, compact, portable and customizable system architecture.
LVDS Support for Camera Test
The Konrad Technologies Low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) support for camera test solution enables OEMs to easily analyze and evaluate the performance of their sensors. This platform provides simultaneous serialization of serial deserializer OEM combinations. MPI CSI-2 data format with a user configurable interface board for different serial deserializer OEM combinations.
Driver in the Loop with Sensor
Conrad Technologies and VI- compliant driver in the Loop with Sensor Fusionas a test method for ADAS and autonomous driving functions. In this demonstration, the VI-grade Compact Driving Simulator (CDS) sends object data streams to Konrad Technologies Vehicle Radar Test System and Camera Target Simulator systems in real-time. The sensor output can then be analyzed in an open loop or sent back to the VI-grade simulation for close loop analysis. This approach can be used for sensor, subsystem and system level testing ADAS and AD modules in the lab with driver perception and reaction time as input parameters.
ADAS innovation in test 
ADAS iiTpresents a one stop solution for ADAS and autonomous vehicle test by offering modular and scalable test solutions and development expertise for every step in the ADAS development process. ADAS iiT is a consortium of four National Instruments Partners and Wants to Demonstrate a Fulfillment of ADAS functions.
Where to find Konrad Technologies at the shows:
ATE – National Instruments – Hall 10 Stand 1324
AVT Expo – ADAS iiT – Hall 6 Stand AV5040
AVT Expo – VI-grade – Hall 6 Stand AV6030
To schedule a meeting in advance, please submit a request to sales@konrad-technologies.de or sales@adas-iit.com
Learn more about the Automotive Testing Expo and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo https://www.testing-expo.com/europe/en/
VI-grade is the leading provider of best-in-class software products and services for advanced applications in the field of system-level simulation. Along with a network of selected partners, VI-grade also provides revolutionary turnkey solutions for static and dynamic driving simulation.
Established in 2005, VI-grade delivers innovative solutions for streamlining the development process from concept to sign-off in the transportation industry, and there mainly in the automotive, aerospace, motorcycle, motorsports and railway sectors. With its office locations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Japan, China, and the USA and a worldwide channel network of more than 20 trusted partners, VI-grade is a dynamic and growing company with a highly skilled technical team.
Since September 2018, VI-grade has been part of Spectris. Spectris is an FTSE 250 listed global conglomerate with 2017 sales of over $2B and 9,800 employees. The firm conducts business in four major segments – materials analysis, testing & measurement, in-line instrumentation and industrial controls – and serves a broad range of industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to electronics, energy, mining and pharmaceuticals. 
For further information about VI-grade, please visit http://www.vi-grade.com.

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