Vote-Domains – the domains for elections

Koeln, 18.05.2019 (PresseBox) – The registry of the Vote-Domain and Voto-Domains has announced, that beginning 4 September 2019, .vote and .voto will be available to registrants of all types, including many who were formerly excluded from these domain extensions. This creates a significant business opportunity for registrants to use the domains also beyond elections.
The Vote-Domains and Voto-Domains fit especially e.g. for the elections in the European Union and to the United States Congress.
You can publish as a candidate your website at the country code domain. But only the Vote-Domains and Voto-Domain have such a stimulative nature, which is psychologically in the interest of candidates at elections.
The relationship between a better ranking in search engines and new top-level domains has already been proven in a study of Searchmetrics for .berlin domains. Websites with .berlin domains often rank better with regional searches in Google than sites with .de domains and .com domains.
»In 42% of searches, .berlin domains rank better locally.«
Another study by Total Websites in Houston shows that the results of the Searchmetrics study are in principle applicable to all new TLDs, including e.g. the Vote-Domain and Voto-Domains. Total Websites notes that Google sees the domain extensions of new TLDs as an important criterion for the evaluation of a domain and, therefore, concludes that:
»It’s clear that the new top-level domains improve the ranking in search engines.«
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