CAM-Service – CAGILA product suite

Hannover, 15.05.2019 (PresseBox) – CAM-Service presents the latest release of the CAGILA NC programming suite for laser machines. CAGILA 2D provides sophisticated process strategies, like micro cutting and ablation using short pulse lasers for both, fix optic and scanner. CAGILA 3D provides easy NC programming of complex 3D CAD data from 3D printing and ablation, over 5 axis simultaneous processing up to turbine foil drilling using 8 axis. The new CAGI-Smart App suite is designed for tablets and smartphones used on the shop floor at the laser machine. A 3D viewer provides the CAGILA project data for the machine worker, while the IOT dashboard visualizes and monitors limits of Industry 4.0 based process and machine data by rules. For AR support cases digital contents can be displayed in the camera viewport of the tablet.

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