UniDevice AG continues to grow in Q1 2019: Sales +42%, net profit +163%, raised outlook 2019

Schönefeld, 29.04.2019 (PresseBox) –
Broker for communications and consumer electronics benefits from strong market position 
First quarter 2019 (preliminary): Sales EURm 101, gross profit EURm 1.47 (+56%) 
EBIT EURm 0.92 (+131%), net profit EURm 0.58 (+163%)
Outlook raised for 2019: Sales and EBIT to increase to more than EURm 400 and EURm 3 respectively
UniDevice AG (ISIN: DE000A11QLU3) announces that it has continued its profitable growth track in Q1 2019 according to preliminary calculations. The broker for communication and entertainment electronics with a focus on high-priced smartphones from leading manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung increased revenues last quarter by 42% from EUR 71.24 million to EUR 101.07 million. At all levels, profit increased disproportionately to revenues. UniDevice is the first company in Germany to specialize in the international B2B brokerage of communication and entertainment electronics and benefits from its strong market position. Sales are expected to increase to more than EUR 410 million in 2019 – with a rising margin.
The first quarter 2019 in detail
In the first quarter 2019, UniDevice’s gross profit increased by 56% to EUR 1.47 million. On the earnings side, the company benefits from economies of scale. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) increased by 131% to EUR 0.92 million and net profit by 163% to EUR 0.58 million. This corresponds to earnings per share of EUR 0.0389 (annualized: EUR 0.1556). Xetra closing price on April 26, 2019: EUR 1.57.</p>
Dynamic start into 2019 and raised outlook 2019
„Having achieved the highest monthly turnover in the company’s history in November 2018 at EUR 39 million, we have also made a very dynamic start into the current year with an average monthly turnover of EUR 33.7 million in the first quarter 2019,“ says UniDevice CEO Dr. Christian Pahl.
„UniDevice benefits from industry growth and increases its own market share in communications and consumer electronics. Telephone companies and B2C retailers are increasingly using supply chain optimization through UniDevice’s international B2B brokerage. The increase in market penetration is achieved independently of the sales development of individual smartphone manufacturers. Our business model as a broker is marked by significantly lower risks due to the fast stock turnover in an average of 5 days and immediate payment by the customers than with a traditional wholesaler.“
UniDevice intends to continue its growth course. In the current year, the revenue growth should be at least 26% and more than EUR 400 million redeemed. As the necessary capacities are already in place, UniDevice can exploit economies of scale and improve margins at all levels. Accordingly, EBIT should increase disproportionately more than 60% to more than EUR 3.0 million in 2019.

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