KeepTool Hora analyses session blockades at the dataset level

Berlin, 26.04.2019 (PresseBox) – If a database session blocks a dataset for an extended period of time, this can have highly negative consequences – even affecting a productive system in the worst case. It is therefore very important to quickly identify the cause behind such a blockade.
With Hora, KeepTool’s most important Oracle tool, it has always been possible to make queries through the session page, such as:
Which sessions are currently connected to the database?
Which session has an open transaction?
Which session currently has a lock and is therefore blocking another session?
It has also already been possible to display the current SQL statement last executed by the session.
New in version 14.0.6
Version 14.0.6 comes with a new feature: if a session has a lock, it is even possible to receive information on which dataset is locked. This makes it possible to remedy blockades even faster.

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