High-Performance Polymers in the Production of Food

Hamburg, 18.04.2019 (PresseBox) – BIEGLO – High Performance Polymers has several high-temperature plastics in their portfolio that are suitable for the application in the food industry. Especially the program of PEEK granules, compounds, and semi-finished goods are all certified according to FDA and EU 10/2011. PEEK is extremely resistant against sour and alkalic cleaning supplies, as well as against steam. A popular use is also CIP-cleaning.
The self-lubricating PEEK can also be used to produce bearings, assembly lines, gears and bushings. Moreover, through coatings the friction and wear can be notably reduced. Through specific compounding from PEEK, the efficiency and quality of final products can be increased. To improve food security, colour compounds can be equipped with metal-detectable additives.
Noteworthy is also that, along with PEEK, BIEGLO can also offer PPSU. This material is translucent and is used for baby bottles, kitchen containers or similar. It has a continuous working temperature of 160°C and is easy to sterilize.
The ASP-Plastics GmbH (a subsidiary of BIEGLO) offers semi-finished goods made of technical polymers, such as PET, POM, or UHMW-PE. Additionally here, food certificates, colors, and metal-detectability can be supplied.
BIEGLO exhibits in October at the K-Fair in Dusseldorf.

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