Defined operational reliability due to predominantly closed-cell PUR foam seals

Weikersheim, 11.04.2019 (PresseBox) – As a central component of the energy revolution, the future of mobility will be electric. For the automotive industry and its suppliers, this means an unprecedented paradigm shift that requires the extremely rapid development of highly qualified expert knowledge in many details. In future, PUR foam sealing gaskets will play a decisive role in two of the central challenges – sealing of electrical connections and vibration-free (noise) insulation.
These predominantly closed-cell, soft sealing gaskets combine basic technical requirements for use in e-mobility applications – such as high tensile strength / fatigue strength and special tightness requirements even with considerable over- and underpressure – with the economic manufacturing and processing advantages of polyurethane (PUR) while maintaining closest tolerances, even in large-scale production.
Expertise in development
To ensure that the material and thus the foam seals can show all their advantages in applications such as battery covers, plug seals or seals for covers or housings of all kinds, it is important to involve the development supplier at an early stage in the design phase, especially in projects in the field of e-mobility: the expertise gained on decisive parameters – such as space-saving dimensioning, necessary tightness (protection against dirt / moisture / noise transmission), expected degree of deformation, seal heights, installation details (i.e. minimum installation forces), etc. – does not only have a significant influence on the long-term performance of the entire unit, but also on the costs of installation, subsequent maintenance or possible replacement.
Expertise in material combinations
As one of the leading manufacturers of 1K-PUR foam seals including the necessary experience in the entire value chain, CeraCon is your qualified partner. From the needs-based selection of the specific sealing material and support in the process-optimized design of the components to be sealed to the development of prototypes / pre-series and series production in contract gasketing plants in Germany and abroad. Thus, in addition to the original task, such as tightness against dirt / moisture or noise insulation, the specific characteristics of the materials with which the foam sealing gaskets should be combined can be included in the development right from the beginning. For example, due to intensified use of lightweight constructions, a clear trend can currently be observed from the familiar cast or aluminium housings to particularly filigree metal lightweight construction or plastic solutions to which the predominantly closed-cell PUR foam seals from CeraCon Sealing systems are already adapted.

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