Professional not provisional: Clamping systems from dk for X-ray computer tomography (CT)

Reutlingen, 10.04.2019 (PresseBox) – As successful as CT has become in the measuring and testing sectors as a result of the non-destructive, data-rich and fast measuring technology – a fixation system for the test specimens that meets the specific requirements has so far remained an unfulfilled dream for users. The currently used method is primitive tinkering with expanded polystyrene, hobby knives and glues. An unsatisfactory provisional solution for this high-tech measuring technique.
The dk FIXIERSYSTEME GmbH & Co. KG has been working intensively on this topic since 2017 and builds on the proven dk measuring fixation programs for CMM’s and optical devices. A modular fixation system was developed which optimally meets the specific requirements of X-ray technology. After the patent application in 2018, the system was optimised together with selected companies. The official presentation takes place at the Control exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.
System requirements:
No interference generation through the material used
Permanently high strength for secure hold and durability
X-ray neutrality especially in the area in direct contact with the test specimen
Solution advantages:
Function, geometry and material suitable for CT
Modular system with coordinated modules
Effortless realisation of rapid and safe clamping operations
Repeat accuracy of the clamping position to simplify the testing task
Reproducible constructions through scales
Long service life for repeated use over many years
The modular fixation solution for CT and all other measuring technologies can be seen at the dk FIXIERSYSTEME stand in hall 3 | stand 3405 at the Control exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. The premiere of the new, improved catalogue will also take place there.

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