Shapes Made of High-Performance Polymers

Hamburg, 05.04.2019 (PresseBox) – BIEGLO High-Performance Polymers is specialized in the material Polyetheretherketone (PEEK). Meanwhile, BIEGLO can present a very diverse PEEK portfolio. Besides the standard shapes, sheets, rods and tubes, BIEGLO can offer more: Films, filaments, shrinktubes, compressor plates and finished parts made of PEEK are just some examples. Fibre-reinforced and tribologically improved PEEK stock shapes are included in BIEGLO’s product portfolio, too.
The BIEGLO GmbH is a Hamburg-based distribution company for high-performance plastics. „We see our strength as a marketing company in:
our extensive network
a diverse assortment
and short delivery times“
explains Managing Director John Biesterfeld.
But also PEEK in form of granules or powder by the brand CoPEEK belong to BIEGLO’s assortment. Also color or functional compounds as well as customized compounds are available as raw material or semi-finished parts.
In addition to PEEK based products, BIEGLO also markets Polyimide products, like Meldin® 7000 from Saint Gobain. The Meldin® 7000 product line is offered in the form of rods, sheets and direct formed parts. The polyimide product line however includes many more products such as, thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) filaments, films, and TPI powders. Semi-finished products made of Polyamidimide (PAI) and Polyetherimide (PEI) are part of BIEGLO’s portfolio, too.
BIEGLO’s material focus makes them one of few companies that specializes only in high-performance polymers. Hence, BIEGLO has built a broad market know-how in this field. The company will exhibit at Hannover Fair in April. The focus of the booth will be semi-finished and finished parts made of high-performance polymers: Hall 4 Stand G01.

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