ProSimulation: New Software for Optimized and Faster Development

Nürnberg, 29.03.2019 (PresseBox) – Speed is crucial – with the new simulation tool ProSimulation from Baumüller, customers are once again shortening their development and commissioning time of machines and systems significantly. They can use their own or Baumüller controller and mechanical modules, design the optimal automation and drive components for their machine and test the settings virtually without any risk – everything simply without detailed simulation knowledge, right from your desk. The new software offers additional advantages with the graphic user interface as well as convenient and fast parameter input. ProSimulation extends the range of functions of the Baumüller ProDrive commissioning software, which allows for the simple and fast commissioning, parameterization and operation of all b maXX controllers from Baumüller.
The new tool can be used by a variety of industries and types of machines, both for standard systems as well as for special systems. Manufacturers of servo presses, rolling mills, filling plants or robots, for example, are already saving time and money today with the new simulation software. Because using ProSimulation leads to optimization to the complete replacement of a prototype. The financial expense and time required for development and commissioning are thus significantly reduced.
The advantages of the new software ProSimulation
Time and cost savings during development and commissioning
The creation of a real prototype can be optimized or completely replaced
Easy import of existing models from other simulation tools
Simple user interface and operation (ProDrive extension)
License for further modeling software can be saved
Optimization of existing machines and plants
Virtual troubleshooting and optimization possible
Development of simulation know-how in the company
Easy introduction to the topic of „digital twin“
Fast creation of own simulations
Use the basic library or import your own models
The new tool ProSimulation is an extension of the Baumüller commissioning software ProDrive for controllers and motors from Baumüller. ProSimulation contains standard models for the Baumüller drive components. For newcomers to simulation without their own models, ProSimulation makes it easy to set up and test initial simulations thanks to this basic library. It therefore saves resources and at the same time makes it possible to build up your own simulation know-how in the company. Customers with their own mature simulation models can use ProSimulation for exchange between different simulation tools thanks to open standards, such as FMI/FMU. But any desired controller and mechanical models can also be imported. As an optional service, Baumüller offers the completely rebuilding of models up to the digital twin as a service.
Simple user interface and quick parameterization
ProSimulation makes it possible to test settings on the drive with no risk and to represent the results realistically. After importing the model of the application into ProSimulation, customers can set all parameters via a virtual controller and view the data in real time via an oscilloscope as it would behave in real time, also as 3D visualization. The graphic representation of the results helps the user to optimize the controller. Instead of entering the parameters manually, ProSimulation enables automatic controller optimization as an autotuning functionality. ProSimulation simplifies operation, since the drive parameters are already integrated in the software and can be selected via the user interface. Thanks to the new simulation tool, users can start parameterization at an early stage and change it quickly and easily.
Troubleshooting and optimization
ProSimulation is not just a tool in virtual commissioning. Once the machine has been successfully commissioned or in the case of existing machines and systems, the simulation software also offers the opportunity to troubleshoot and optimize. Users can test parameter settings quickly and directly at the digital twin in ProSimulation without having to operate the system directly on site. Baumüller uses ProSimulation too in order to optimally enhance its own product and system solutions.üllergruppe

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