Re-branding: Voswinkel becomes Stauff

Werdohl, 28.03.2019 (PresseBox) – The Stauff Group successively became a real “full-liner” for hydraulic line components with the introduction of its own Stauff Connect tube connector range and the acquisition of Voswinkel GmbH in April 2015. The company has now decided to merge the Voswinkel brand with the Stauff brand to further underpin its image as a “single source” with customers.
Voswinkel quick release couplings and tube fittings represent a key component of the Stauff Group portfolio, which includes a total of over 40,000 in-house manufactured line components and hydraulic accessories for machine and plant construction, and industrial maintenance. In future all products will be marketed and sold under the Stauff brand.
“This re-branding is the systematic continuation of the integration of Voswinkel products into our product range,” explains Jörg Deutz, CEO of the Stauff Group. “This has already been done for some time in terms of operations and customer service.” All Voswinkel and Stauff products have been supplied from the company’s automated logistics centre in Neuenrade since the start of 2018. The restructuring of Sales and Customer Services means that customers now have central contacts for all products and solutions. They can now combine ordering processes and product shipments, reduce the number of suppliers, have fewer customer care contacts, thereby saving time and cost by procuring components from a single supplier. Technically Voswinkel and Stauff products are increasingly being coordinated with each other.
The re-branding has been gradually introduced since the start of 2019. Jörg Deutz: “We are a full-service provider with all the advantages that this offers to machine and plant constructors, and would like to be regarded even more so as one in the future.” The re-branding of quick release couplings and tube fittings, which will also be reflected in the name, packaging and labelling of the products, will be completed this year and all Stauff line components will also be labelled accordingly.

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