FolderSecurityViewer now shows NTFS-Permissions for users on a specific folder

Katzweiler, 27.03.2019 (PresseBox) – In order for IT-administrators and data owners in organizations to have detailed insight on who has access to which Windows folders and which data, FolderSecurityViewer now also displays, which NTFS permissions a certain user has on a folder and the underlying folder hierarchies.
Important insights into data security and privacy at a glance
For many businesses, data is one of their most treasured assets. Data such as strategic planning, internal protocols and personal employee data should be protected from outsiders.
To solve this problem, FolderSecurityViewer, in its version 1.13.0 now generates user-specific NTFS permission reports. This allows administrators or data owners to see which user has which access to which data, generating insight on all the permissions a certain user has for a folder hierarchy.
Why is there a problem with folder security?
Especially in times of the European GDPR regulation in place, privacy becomes a growing issue for many businesses, which affects not only marketing and sales, but also impacts internal data. Most team members get access to some amount of a business’ data in order to do their work. Because insight on read, write and delete permissions is often hard to grasp, some employees and contractors keep access to critical data even after termination or the end of their contract.
The newest version of FolderSecurityViewer helps ensure that former employees and/or freelancers do not have access to data they should not be able to read, write or delete. That way, crucial data stays within the business.

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