IDS Data Architecture now ready for commercial use

Dortmund, 25.03.2019 (PresseBox) – With ‘IDS_ready’, the certificate for a secure Data exchange, the International Data Spaces (IDS) is ready for commercial use in the economy. Companies that want to benefit from the key architecture for a sovereign exchange of data and participate in value-added processes can now be certified. At the Hannover Fair, from 1st till 5th April, the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) will present the new developments to the IDS standard in hall 8, booth C25.
“This is a historical moment”, said Lars Nagel, Managing Director of IDSA. “For the first time ever, companies outside of the association will be able to use the IDS architecture.” This is made possible with the ‘IDS_ready’ certification which ensures that the company or organisation complies with the IDS reference architecture and the developed standard DIN SPEC 27070.
Secure and Trustworthy Data Communication in IoT
“These data sovereignty measures in IoT devices ensure secure and trusted data communication in times of digitization and the associated mass deployment of networked devices and collaborative appreciation”, explains Sebastian Steinbuss, Director Architecture at IDSA. The ‘IDS_ready’ certification process makes sure if the company complies with the standard.
Using criteria catalogues, a certification facility checks whether a company and its component is IDS compliant or not and if they can participate in the IDS data architecture. If successful, the certificates ‘IDS_ready organization’ and ‘IDS_ready component’ will be awarded.
IDS Reference Architecture Model 3.0
The basis of the criteria catalogues is the ‘IDS Reference Architecture Model’ (IDS-RAM), the new version of which will be published at the Hannover Fair this year. The focus of the IDS-RAM 3.0 not only lies on the ‘Certification’ topic but also on ‘Data Security’ and ‘Data Governance’. “The reference architecture model defines the safety standards, control and enforcement rules for the data usage and the traceability of data origin”, emphasized Sebastian. Additionally, the RAM also defines the roles and responsibilities for the data economy and data-driven business ecosystems.
IDS: Global Standard for Data transfer
With the IDS-RAM 3.0 and the ‘IDS_ready’ certificate, the IDS architecture will become the new global standard for data transfer, data security and data sovereignty. This offers new and broad potential for the economy. How this potential can be transformed into business models is demonstrated by application-oriented and cross-company use cases that IDSA member companies will show at the Hannover Fair.
The Use Cases
Cefriel: “OLOGER – i4.0 Smart Logistic” – sensor-based quality monitoring for goods deliveries.
DATA AHEAD: “TWINSTRUCTION” – Bottom-up digitization of the construction site power distribution. Daily use case presentation during the fair: 10:00 am.
Deutsche Telecom / Setlog: “Logistics Cost Reduction based on predicted lead times”.
IBM / thyssenkrupp / Fraunhofer ISST: “Industrial Additive Manufacturing Services”. Daily use case presentation during the fair: 12:00 am.
Innovalia: “Digital Feedback/Forward Loops for Manufacturing Excellence”.
nicos: “motic®-Broker for a Secure Data Room“.
Orbiter: “Smart Mobility Payment Solution“.
Important Dates
April 1, 2:00 pm: Lars Nagel in Experts talk“Secure data networking with e-standards: Fastest Blockchain for Machine Communication and Universal Language for Machine Learning”. ?Hall 16, A10 (Joint stage MWIDE NRW)
April 1, 6:15 pm: Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Fraunhofer ISST, in the Science Slam: “The Value of Data- On the Value of a Strategic Resource”. ?Hall 2, C02 (tech transfer)
April 2, 2:30 pm: FIWARE IDSABooth Opening with Dr. Reinhold Achatz, thyssenkrupp, Ulrich Ahle, FIWARE, Lars Nagel, IDSA. Hall 8, C25
April 4, 10:30 am: Lars Nagel and Ulrich Ahle in lecture:“FIWARE and IDSA: Data sovereignty for Industrie 4.0”. Hall 8, D17 (Forum Industrie 4.0)
April 4, 11:00 am: Networking Eventat the joint booth of FIWARE und IDSA followed by Light Lunch. Hall 8, C25
April 4, 12:30 pm: Thomas Hahn, Siemens/ President of BDVA, in lecture:“Industrial AI applications”. Hall 8, D17 (Forum Industrie 4.0)
IDSA at other booths
Fraunhofer booth, hall 2, C22:
Use Case by Fraunhofer ISST and Deutsche Telekom: Low-cost IoT tracker that monitors pallet transport and communicates with the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub via IDS connector.
Fraunhofer ISST presents a service portfolio for the development of such data systems and informs about the potential of IDS for sovereign data exchange.
IBM booth, hall 7, C16: Use Case von IBM und thyssenkrupp: Industrial Additive Manufacturing Services (see above)
High Tech Holland, hall 2, D34: Showcase for the use of IDS with Isah software, TNO and Smart Factory Kaiserslautern

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