Electronic signature in the city library Duisburg

Ratingen, 25.03.2019 (PresseBox) – The registration of new customers at the City Library Duisburg has been carried out for years by electronic signature on the signature pad signotec Sigma and the signoSign signature software. With approximately 8,000 new registrations per year, the completely paperless process saves resources and significantly accelerates operations.
In addition to the central library, the City Library Duisburg has 13 branch offices and a mobile book bus, which regularly travels to many stops in Duisburg. More than 580,000 media can be borrowed from the city library – digitally there are another 46,000 media available around the clock. But the online offer includes even more: In addition to a knowledge portal, language courses, offers for children and students, customers can also search online for legal issues.
The City Library has been using signotec electronic signatures solutions for many years to handle new applications. Since 2015, the signature pad signotec Sigma has been used in conjunction with the signoSign signature software. Specifically, the new customers agree by electronic signature of the library and price regulations and the data protection provisions in accordance with the GDPR. An expression for the customer is completely eliminated, so that the process is completely digitally mapped in the library management software. The customer receives only a flyer with the most important points about services and prices.
Ralf Schwanekamp from the city library Duisburg states: „We are very satisfied with the use of the signotec pads and software. The devices are robust and have a long life. Customers have also accepted the electronic signature very well. With around 8,000 new registrations per year, we not only save large amounts of paper, but also profit from the reduced administration costs.“

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