Valispace at Hannover Messe 2019

Bremen, 21.03.2019 (PresseBox) – Valispace is a browser-based software that enables engineers to develop complex hardware more efficiently and cost-effectively. Discover the Valispace booth at Hannover Messe to find out how we are changing engineering to be less like “The Office” and more like “Iron Man”.
Funny Valispace video (2 min): “The Future of Engineering has Arrived”:
Greater efficiency and lower costs in hardware development
The development of complex hardware products such as satellites, drones, robots, submarines and chemical facilities today involves thousands of documents, user manuals, test reports and interface data sheets – as was the case 40 years ago. Valispace was founded by aerospace engineers in a bid to put Excel engineering to the sword and drive digitalisation in hardware development. “If there are 20,000 official and 300,000 unofficial, inconsistent documents on a server for a single project, it’s not surprising that complex engineering projects are so expensive,” says co-founder and CEO Marco Witzmann. He adds: “While software engineering has become a lot more efficient in the past few years, industrial companies are lagging behind when it comes to hardware development. Valispace cuts engineering costs by more than 15 percent. That’s a huge sum of money in major projects.”
Common problems across complex hardware industries
Valispace’s customer base already includes companies from the aerospace and energy industries, such as AIRBUS, OHB Luxspace, GOMspace, DLR and Commonwealth Fusion Systems. Valispace is now expanding into new markets such as robotics, special-purpose mechanical engineering, industrial plant planning and commercial vehicle development. Shorter product life cycles as well as greater innovation and cost pressures are just some of the challenges that hardware developers are confronted with today. Valispace can help these companies by taking care of laborious admin work and enabling engineers to invest their entire productivity in completing technical tasks.
While most of Hannover Messe focuses on how digitization and industry 4.0 affects the production, at the Valispace booth you will learn about the potential in engineering.

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