P3 connect Ranking of Dutch Mobile Networks Expected Next Week

Aachen/Haar, 21.03.2019 (PresseBox) – P3, the global industry leader in mobile benchmarking, and connect, the international telecommunication test magazine for consumers, have today announced that they have once again tested the Dutch mobile networks of KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile NL. The results will be published at the beginning of April 2019.
It will be interesting to see how each operator has developed over the last year, regarding growing consumer expectations and gaps that needed to be addressed with further investments. Also, the report will reflect the recent acquisition of Tele2 by T-Mobile NL.
Traditionally, the P3 connect Mobile Benchmark in the Netherlands has always shown very strong results in international comparison – with Dutch operators ranking among the top ten in the global P3 benchmark comparison. And still, they have always further improved.
P3’s approach combines drive testing, walk testing, railway testing and also crowdsourcing giving operators a full 360-degree view of their networks, while reflecting the true user experience with regards to voice quality and data performance.
For the first time, in this year’s benchmark, crowdsource-based data will be an integral part of the total score. The data is continuously collected all year, 24/7, way beyond the weeks and the planned routes of drive-, walk- and railway-tests. The crowdsource component allows P3 to get more real-time feedback on performance while extending the reach of evaluation of the tested networks in time and geography.
“Our holistic approach – the combination of drive, walk and crowd – is unique. We use our analytical skills to slice and dice the data in a way that produces actionable insights into network performance and the user experience, helping operators optimise service delivery and make better, more informed investment decisions”, says Hakan Ekmen, CEO P3 communications.
Marc-Oliver Bender, Editor-in-Chief connect, adds: “Together with P3, we are well prepared to accompany the future development of the Dutch market and to include everything that is necessary to measure new technologies, enhancements and challenges like smart cities or completely new mobile communications technologies like the upcoming superfast 5G networks.”
The P3 connect Mobile Benchmark is totally independent combining the expertise of P3, the industry’s advocate and global authority regarding measuring network performance, with more than 25 years of editorial experience and testing knowledge of connect, that is regarded as a leading consumer authority in Europe. The independent benchmark methodology of P3 assures a fair, transparent and neutral evaluation of the networks under test. The benchmark is positioned to be a unique measure for management and supervisory boards to compare their networks with others, and for customers to get a better understanding of how the different networks are performing.

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