Locating, Marking and Measuring – the easyAIRDROP-multiuse keeps things simple

Nürnberg, 21.03.2019 (PresseBox) – Within the last few month, there has been a huge ammount of naval accident news. Large oil spills or dangerous floating objects are a typical scenario. Main target of course is to get rid of it as soon as possible. Each day counts to save our environment in case of oil pollution. Think about all the vessels out there which don’t have the overview that there might be a dangerous potential in front of them – They need to be informed in time about dangerous floating objects to circuit them easily – They need a real-time position report to avoid critical situations.
The German Weatherdock AG has developed a very smart and cost-effective solution for marking dangerous foating objects, e.g. droped containers or large oil spils: The easyAIRDROP-multiuse
Marking and Tracking
The easyAIRDROP-multiuse has got a floatable housing with the integrated VHF based locator beacon vmsTRACK-PRO-CS. Being at once activeted automaticaly by water contact, the AIRDROP-multiuse will transmit it’s current GPS position in a pre-set time interval.
The transmitting interval can be selected by software. The shorter the interval, the shorter the battery lifetime will be. With the pre-set interval of every 3 minutes the battery will last for 120 hours and beyond before the baterry has to be re-charged for 4 hours. By software an additional special notation can be set into the unit, e.g. „floating object“ or „oil spill EAST“.
The integrated locator beacon vmsTRACK-PRO-CS contains a Class B transmitter working with CSTDMA (Carrier Sense Time Division Multipple Access) data transfer technology. The vmsTRACK-PRO-CS will transmit the „dangerous“ position report into the regular AIS traffic that every AIS using vessel will get this information. Because of CSTDMA, the unit will always listen for a free transmission slot befor broadcating. This guaranties that regular AIS telegrams are not overwritten.
Extra „Push-to-Alert“ button for AIS MOB message
The vmsTRACK-PRO-CS has got an additional „Push-to-Alert“ button which triggers the broadcast of an „AIS MOB ACTIVE“ emergency message. This will help in case of marking a „Man over Board“ situation. Just pressing the Alert-Button before throwing out the easyAIRDORP-multiuse and an AIS MOB alert is set.
Air deployable for helicopter and fixed wing patrol flights
The easyAIRDROP-multiuse can be droped out from a height of up to 1000ft above sea-level. For patrol flights along the coastline this is very helpfull. With one drop-down a dangerous object can be marked in the water. Follow-up vessels will be able to clear the situation or can do further adjustments with more easyAIRDROP units.
Due to the fact that the easyAIRDROP-multiuse is floating in the current as the marked object does, informational data about curse and speed over ground of the object is transmitted as well.

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