Windows-Alarm-Annunciator WA16 + WA40: Milestones in alarm annunciator technology

Backnang, 18.03.2019 (PresseBox) – Unitro has been building fault alarm systems under the mission statement the power to control for use worldwide for nearly 50 years, to provide efficient monitoring of care and operating facilities.
The WA16 and WA40 Windows Alarm Annunciators are the new generation of intelligent cyber-physical ICT systems, primarily for use as fault alarm systems at electrical substations as well as HMI systems for condition and facility monitoring in industrial applications, building services, and the municipal sector. Functionality, robustness, and longevity of the products, as well as a competent, innovative implementation of customer requirements, are archived through our own development work in cooperation with universities and competent partners, as well as our own production.
100% made by UNITRO – 100% made in Germany
The special features of the WA system:
The latest ARM processor technology
Brilliant-performance lighting field display
5-colour LED light guide technology rd/gn/yw/bl/wh,
with labelling strips
Parameterization via PC/USB and
wireless via the NFC antenna of smartphones
Integrated RTC clock with power reserve
With logic algorithms
16/40 signal inputs 24-220 V AC/DC
200 announcements with WA40 master-slave arrangement
Sensitivity and resolution =>1 ms
Annunciating functions following DIN 19235 and US/ISA 18.1
Quiescent operating current / response delay
2×16/40 output relay, freely assignable
Group annunciating + horn output
Chronological storage of
4,000 events in real-time (ms)
Integrated webpage for remote monitoring
Ethernet interface TCP/IP
IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
for digital electrical substation control technology
SMTP e-mail remote alarming,
also on smartphones with notification acknowledgement
With SNTP process visualization
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