Digital Production Meeting

Mosbach, 12.03.2019 (PresseBox) – With the new application „Digital Production Meeting“ from MPDV, the planning as well as the execution and documentation of meetings in the production environment can be digitalized. As part of Smart MES Applications (SMA), the Digital Production Meeting replaces paper and standard office software with an intuitive application that is fully integrated with MPDV’s MES HYDRA. You can reduce the number of media disruptions with this application. You can run the application on a tablet, or with an internet browser on a notebook or on a large touch monitor on the shop floor.
Support during the daily production routine
The digital production meeting benefits from the assumption that many meetings take place at different hierarchical levels in the production environment and that they follow the same pattern each time: Presentation of current key figures and evaluations, discussion of upcoming projects and solving current problems. The agenda is usually set in advance and minutes of the meeting are also available. It is not uncommon for issues to be delegated from one meeting to the next decision level. The digital production meeting displays all these functions in a clearly arranged web application, thereby increasing transparency throughout.
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