New options for switchgear monitoring at MEE

Backnang, 28.02.2019 (PresseBox) – The Middle East Electricity in Dubai will soon open its doors for visitors. The MEE fair in Dubai is one of the biggest exhibitions particularly in regard of energy generation and distribution.
For the 4th time EES is attending this big show, to value the leading market for the company. This year EES is presenting new developments which are shown for the first time in regard of fault annunciating technology. For the majority of installed devices in the market, named BSM, which are already available in the second generation, EES offers a highlight for multicolour display of states and alarms by means of RGB-LEDs. Each input can be adjusted with the parameterization software to the specific requirements either if it is an operation indication, big or small alarm. Moreover the colour can be adjusted referring to flashing, acknowledged or off state. A colour scheme consisting of 6 colours (green, yellow, amber, red, white and blue) can be defined for every signal.
Additionally, to cope with different application requirements in the field and also to facilitate the stocking a wide range signal input card covering 50 to 250 V AC/DC is ready to be implemented.
This card serves as another new option which can be chosen from the order code matrix. In contrary to the narrow defined thresholds this card can be used for varying voltage levels.
Beside the main focus of switchgear monitoring applications EES displays its reliable signal transmission systems which are handy to set-up as well as establish proven transmission links on own infrastructures.
The EES booth H1.H20 in Hall 1 in the German Pavilion is worth visiting and shows why EES devices are widely used in various applications of the local famous utilities and operators.

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