ECR 2019: Ergonomic, precise and efficient intraoperative imaging

Vienna, Austria / Nuremberg, Germany, 27.02.2019 (PresseBox) – At this year’s ECR in Vienna, Ziehm Imaging focuses on the growing demand for ergonomic and customized devices. The C-arm company not only showcases a broad variety of products but also new user-friendly features that boost ergonomics and efficiency in the OR. Besides the proven high-end systems Ziehm Vision RFD 3D and Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition1, the Ziehm Vision FD with more options as well as improved monitor cart features will be on display. Sister company Orthoscan will present its new TAU 2020.
Tailored options for individual demands
Building on over a decade of experience and proven performance, the Ziehm Vision FD is not only designed for prolonged use but also provides finely tuned workflow and software features to increase productivity. While the Ziehm Vision FD CMOSline2 comes with a 20.5 cm x 20.5 cm CMOS detector, the system will now also be available with a 31 cm x 31 cm a-Si flat-panel. The bigger detector size allows to cover larger anatomical regions in orthopedic and vascular surgery.
Optimized workflow efficiency in the OR
The Ziehm Usability Concept3, a bundle of hardware and software features to improve communication and process efficiency, allows for increased ease of use in the OR. As a part of the Ziehm Usability Concept, the Articulating Monitor Arm is on display in Vienna. It is mounted on the monitor cart and can be moved in several directions to provide the most ergonomic viewing angle for the clinician in diverse OR set-ups.
Robotic-guided surgery with a 3D C-arm
Building on more than twelve years of experience in mobile 3D imaging, the Ziehm Vision RFD 3D is the ideal choice for high-end orthopedic, trauma and spinal interventions. The proven Ziehm NaviPort interface connects the mobile 3D C-arms of Ziehm Imaging to the navigation systems of leading providers. Now, the interface has been extended to robotic guidance systems. Together with ExcelsiusGPS of Globus Medical, Ziehm Imaging supports advanced computer-assisted surgery for spine applications. The robotic guidance solution offers precise positioning of surgical instruments via intraoperative planning in minimally invasive and open procedures.
Easy and fast set-up with zero room preparation
The Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition is the first fully motorized mobile C-arm for highly demanding cardiovascular procedures. The system requires zero room preparation and ensures a user-friendly, efficient and fast set-up. The powerful 25 kW monoblock generator and advanced cooling technologies guarantee higher performance levels.
Visit Ziehm Imaging & Orthoscan: Booth X2-206, Austria Center Vienna
For more information, please visit:
1 Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition represents a group of optional hardware and software that creates an option package on the device named Ziehm Vision RFD.
2 CMOSline represents a system configuration that is based on a Ziehm Imaging CMOS flat-panel detector.
3 The Ziehm Usability Concept includes a variety of different hardware and software features. Due to regulatory reasons the availability of each feature may vary. Please contact your local Ziehm Imaging partner for detailed information.

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