Bildverarbeitung – Strobe-Controller für 4 oder 8 Kanäle

Olching, 23.02.2019 (PresseBox) – New Multi-Channel Quad Controller Maximizes Image Options
Advances in camera technology including CMOS image sensors are making multi-shot captures viable in machine vision inspections. This capability, when combined with LED lighting, helps solve image challenges of a single shot capture of the object to be inspected. Now various arrays of LED lighting can work with cameras to accomplish a computed single image from multiple camera shots.These can include the following applications:
* Photometric Stereo PMS
* High Dynamic Range imaging HDR
* Multi-spectral Wavelength
* Extended Depth of Field
* Sequential Multi-Light / Axis Imaging
Controlling illumination in a structured manner to create one dynamic computational image using multiple shots from different angles or lighting techniques is the feature that drives our newest Quad Series Controller. The Quad Series is available in both four and eight-channel options, it makes programming the sequencing of the lights easy work with an included GUI software interface.
The Advanced Illumination Quad Controller for computational images will be available to ship in early 2019.
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