Bildverarbeitung – externer Framegrabber konvertiert die neuen Sony Block Kameras in GigE Vision Kameras

Olching, 24.02.2019 (PresseBox) – The iPORT SB-GigE-EV7520A builds on the extensive expertise in developing video interfaces for Sony block cameras. The new external framegrabber gives manufacturers and integrators a low-risk way to leverage the design, cost, and performance benefits of Ethernet when deploying Sony’s high-sensitivity, high-quality block camera in high-performance imaging applications.
Pleora’s external framegrabbers for block cameras have been designed into a wide range of imaging applications, including medical telepresence, perimeter security, transportation, robotics, sports analysis, and drone systems. The iPORT SB-GigE-EV7520A transmits video with low, consistent latency at high frame rates between the Sony block camera and computing platforms or displays. Video, power, and control data is transmitted over low-cost Ethernet cabling to existing ports on the computer or display. Designers can choose from a broad selection of small form factor and low-power computing platforms, including laptops and embedded systems.
The networking flexibility of GigE means images from multiple Sony block cameras can be aggregated to a single port, and/or images from one Sony block camera can be multicast to multiple PCs and displays. With the extended reach of GigE – up to 100 meters over standard Cat5e/6 cabling and further with basic network switching – image analysis equipment can be centralized in a remote location.
In comparison, competing Sony block video interfaces require multiple cables for video transmission and control, external power sources for cameras, and PCIe framegrabbers to capture images at the PC or display. This results in more complex systems, longer design times, higher costs, and limited component selection.
The Pleora iPORT SB-GigE-EV7520A is now available.
The external framegrabber is bundled with Pleora’s feature-rich eBUS SDK application tool kit to allow designers to rapidly prototype and deploy production-ready software.
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