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Fridolfing, 11.02.2019 (PresseBox) – Globally present, Rosenberger designs, manufactures, and markets a vast variety of state-of-the art and high-performance infrastructure systems, products, and components meeting standard or dedicated OEM or operator requirements. These include high-performance antennas, smart active and passive DAS systems, and high-quality PIM test and measurement equipment.
We invite you to visit Rosenberger at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 25 to 28, 2019 where we will be showcasing the latest series of recently introduced state-of-the art products and solutions. Rosenberger will be located in hall 6 / stand 6J34 (
Base Station Antenna Solutions
Rosenberger provides professional and high-quality base station antenna solutions, including multiband, multi-port macro antennas for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G-ready networks. We also provide dense capacity antenna solutions such as Pico/Micro cell Quasi-Omni and Whip antenna for use in high density Central Business Districts or hotspots. These antennas cover the frequency band of 698-960MHz, 1417-2690MHz, 3500-3800MHz and 5150-5925MHz, which are suitable for site-sharing among modern network. Massive-MIMO antennas are now available in our product portfolio, enabling LTE advanced and 5G NR MIMO with CA to further improve user data experience.
DAS Solutions
Rosenberger wireless coverage solutions provide customers with indoor wireless systems, outdoor site solutions, BTS coverage expansion, and single DAS deployments.
Microwave Antenna Solutions
Rosenberger can provide point-to-point backhaul antenna solutions from 0.3M to 1.8M and in all licensed bands (6 – 42 GHz and E-band) to help you meet the demands of your customer today and in the future.
E-band Flat Panel Array Antenna
The E-band Flat Panel Array Antenna is an innovative new design that seamlessly merges in to the environment, reducing visual impact to a minimum. It also lessens the total cost of deployment while providing excellent RF performance.
Reflector Solution (E-band and Standard Microwave Frequency band)
Rosenberger offers cost effective and compliant MW/MM wave reflector antennas in all sizes from 0.3M to 1.8M. This includes 0.3M 80 GHz (displayed), and 0.6M 80GHz reflector antennas which provide E-band solutions for both current and future backhaul networks.
Rosenberger Lyra Intelligent Micro Data Center (RMDC)
The Rosenberger Lyra series intelligent microdata center (RMDC), has the characteristics of intelligent monitoring, rapid deployment, removable and modularized.
PIM Site Analyzer α – Ultimate Precision and Efficiency for PIM Tests
With an accuracy of less than 30 cm, the portable site analyzer PIM α provides high-precision and efficient distance to PIM tests on site. Rosenberger rack analyzers are designed to make PIM tests in production or test lab environments as modular, precise, and efficient as possible.
NEX10® and MQ4/MQ5: Next Generation Coaxial Connectors
The NEX10® and MQ4/MQ5 connector systems are designed to meet the existing and future demands of upcoming 5G networks. Both connector designs offer low PIM performance in a robust design and compact size
TMxS: Plug & Play FTTA/PTTA Design
The modular TMxS design offers a fully flexible and future-proof multi-fiber, multi-power or hybrid solution.  The Plug & Play and easy-to-install TMxS system ensures efficient installations with minimum site down-time in critical site upgrade or hot swap phases.
Fiber Optic Outdoor Weather-Proofing Solutions: Protect Your Investment
Able to withstand the most-harsh environmental conditions, the outdoor Fiber Optic weather-proofing solutions offer outstanding protection of FO interfaces on site. 2 – 12 fibers per connector to meet your specific requirements.
GPS Over Fiber System: Synchronisation for Centralized BBU Installations
Rosenberger presents a new and innovative easy-to-install GPS over Fiber system for applications where a coaxial cable cannot be used to route the GPS signal to base stations.
The most cost-efficient RF-Connectivity Solutions for Massive MIMO Applications
Increasingly, active antennas are exploiting massive MIMO.  A huge number of B2B connections are therefore required for connecting active circuitry with the antenna array. Pricing will become much more critical. In addition, 5G will use very large antenna arrays (up to 64 or 128 elements).
Rosenberger will showcase the following RF-connectivity solutions: SLC (spring loaded contacts), EBC / Filter, ROPIN and ROP51

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