First hosting service for engineering software

Hannover, 12.02.2019 (PresseBox) – Aucotec AG presents the new cloud model for its cooperative platform Engineering Base (EB) for the first time at the Hannover Messe. From now on, customers can use the entire licence portfolio of the software without hardware installations, administration and maintenance costs. The hosting service is provided in cooperation with the service provider Mod IT Service GmbH, a business that has been working in workplace management and IT security for over 25 years.
Software usage without implementation costs
„The new cloud service offers planners completely new engineering flexibility,“ explains Eike Michel, Director of Research and Development at Aucotec and responsible for the hosting project. „The linearized costs become easier to calculate, and you can start with EB without a lead-in period. Without time-consuming hardware analyses and purchases, without waiting for the software to be implemented into your own IT landscape.“
This cloud model is of particular interest to new customers who initially only start with a few key users. Before operating the new software, server capacities usually have to be estimated and developed without knowing the exact range of use later on. Such investments not only tie up capital that is not necessary at first; they can also turn out to be unsuitable. „Multiple retrofits are often necessary, sometimes you have idle capacities. That’s why such an initial phase is particularly suitable for hosting in the cloud,“ says Michel.
The service is scalable from single user workstations to large cooperation solutions. Teams already working with EB can also „move“ to the cloud, e.g. to avoid investing in server upgrades or to efficiently carry out the next scaling step. Under the Bring-Your-Own-Licence model, all usage agreements, whether single licence or token model, are retained and can be customized at any time.
Concentrated IT knowledge provides security
According to Michel, there is also much to be said for a hosting service when it comes to IT security: „Almost every workstation computer today is connected to the Internet, so an in-house server solution is no more secure than the cloud model.“ On the contrary: for the customer’s own IT, security is one of many points. A professional hosting service, on the other hand, means concentrated IT knowledge in a company whose core business is precisely these services and the associated technologies. „Mod IT is an experienced partner. What machine or plant manufacturer alone employs over 100 IT professionals?“ asks Eike Michel.
For quite some time EB has allowed its full use via web services. However, the various apps and online solutions have so far only been used in customers‘ private clouds.
Aucotec at Hanover Fair: Hall 6, stand no. K 28
Mod IT Service GmbH is a full-service provider for individual workplace management and IT security solutions. The company combines performance assurance by monitoring and predictive maintenance with protection against security risks of all kinds. Since its foundation in 1991, mod IT has shown healthy growth. With now over 25 years of project experience, the IT specialists develop, implement and operate solutions with and for their customers. The Einbeck, Hanover and Kassel locations employ around 100 people who support more than 10,000 IT workplaces worldwide.

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